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LandonEquine-assisted physical and occupational therapies work wonders for children with special needs. Of course this innovative treatment comes with a price tag. Each hour of treatment costs Children’s TherAplay $216; however, the average health insurance reimbursement is only $89.

That’s why your support is so very important. Each year we must raise nearly $500,000 to close the gap between the cost of treatment and reimbursements from health insurance so we can continue to help children with special needs grow stronger and have more opportunities in life.

Please make as generous a donation as you can.

Donations may also be mailed to Children's TherAplay at 9919 Towne Road, Carmel, IN 46032.

So many ways to make a difference!


Did you know?

  • MaddieThere is something remarkable about the tool of hippotherapy. Many children who did not respond to physical or occupational therapies in a traditional clinic setting blossom at Children's TherAplay. Your contributions help us create new possibilities for these kiddos.

  • The kiddos we serve love Children's TherAplay and so do their families. When we asked in our patient family survey, “Would you recommend Children's TherAplay to a friend?” 100% of families who completed the survey responded with a resounding Yes.
  • Children's TherAplay, like all United Way agencies, undergoes a major evaluation every four years. Our score from the 2012 evaluation places Children's TherAplay in the highest possible category, "Exceeds Standards," for a United Way agency.


From a Children's  TherAplay Mom

"The horseback therapy and the work that Emma has done with [Occupational Therapist] Abby and [Physical Therapist] Sam has been the most beneficial we’ve seen, and she’s had many therapies including aquatic therapy and early intervention.

"Even her early interventionists have talked about the improve-ments they’ve seen. Emma has so much more trunk strength and head control.

“… I can’t say enough about how awesome everything you do over there is. It’s the most beneficial therapy we’ve done for her.”

— Children's TherAplay mom Annie

Learn more about Emma and the gains she's made through treatment at TherAplay.

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